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Ultra Mimi Bundling Pack & Video


The project started as a proactive ideation activity within Kineto targeted specifically to Ultra Mimi, as part of our tradition to continuously explore new ideas and exercise creativity.


We proposed two initiatives, in-lined with the Ultra Mimi tagline that encourages children to grow creatively and naturally: Alami Tumbuh. Tumbuh Alami. Both initiatives explored the identities of the four Ultra Mimi characters, Mimi, Leon, Berry and Elfin. We give them distinctive personalities and interests, such as smart and science fan for Mimi, active and adventurous for Leon, kind and helpful for Elfin and arts and music enthusiast for Berry. The first developed item was a bundling pack for 8 Ultra Mimi single packs. The bundling could then be turned into fun and useful objects, such as paper toy, coin bank, trash bin and stationary holder. The second developed material was an informative video about the importance of consuming UHT milk that is delivered with fun and lively animations.

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