Roseville Soho and Suite Branding


Located right in the heart of CBD BSD City, Roseville Soho and Suite offers a luxurious and modern living space that targets young urban families. With various types of spaces that suit different needs along with a complete set of supporting facilities, Roseville Soho and Suite wishes for suitable marketing tools in accordance with its tagline, ‘Your urban sanctuary for your urban lifestyle’.


We develop the overall promotional materials such as print ad, billboard, flyer, exclusive invitation, and sales video. We also created a logo with modern accent to represent the sophisticated feel of the brand, and design an exclusive brochure that covers thorough information of Roseville Soho and Suite, including the in-house facilities, site plan, floor plan, and unit types (SOHO, Garden Suite, Penthouse, Studio, and 1 & 2 Bedroom Suites).