The Westin Langkawi
May 13, 2016
April 28, 2016

NUTRICIA Shelf Branding and 1000 Days Book

As a brand that continuously promotes the importance of healthy and balanced nutrition for moms, babies, and toddlers, NUTRICIA aims to increase its brand awareness by creating a remodeled shelf as well as an informative guide book to educate customers about children’s first 1000 Days.

We design a branding shelf that carries The 1000 Days Campaign and promotes NUTRICIA as the right product for children’s first 1000 days. We implement this idea by creating separate divided sections for NUTRICIA products, making it easier for moms to pick the best product according to their needs. Not only that, we also come up with NUTRICIA 1000 Days Book that embodies fun and engaging visuals to help moms understand
the importance of giving children the right nutrition for their growth.